Tenerife Power Outage Reportedly NOT Directly Impacting Port Operations

September 29: According to The Metro, the mass power outage impacting Tenerife in the Canary Islands is NOT directly affecting essential public services, airports, ports and hospitals.

“The massive power outrage affected the entire Spanish island and saw emergency generators installed at the two airports and hospitals. The cause of the blackout, which occurred around 1pm, is remains unclear. People living near to an electricity power station in Candelaria, on Tenerife’s east coast, reportedly heard a blast around the time power went down. More than 900,000 residents live in Tenerife alongside tens of thousands of tourist and cruise ship visitors. By around 8pm, around 65 per cent of the full service had been restored.

“However, full power is not due to be restored until the early hours of Monday morning, local authorities say. […] A spokesman for a regional government-run emergency services coordination centre said: ‘We attended 759 incidents because of the power cut between 1pm and 4pm. ‘They were mainly related to incidents involving lifts that had stopped working, alarms going off, opening of doors and other electrical incidents. ‘None of the essential public services, airports, ports and hospitals, have been affected.’”

Source: The Metro

The power outage has impacted traffic lights and the island’s tram service. (Deutsche Welle)

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