Explosions Damage Iranian Tanker in Red Sea

October 11: Initial Iranian reports indicate that two explosions damaged the Iranian crude oil tanker SABITI at approximately 02:00 UTC and between 02:20-02:30 UTC while the tanker was approx. 51 nautical miles (96km) from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (approximate position 21°N, 38°E). All crew have been reported safe, and the vessel has been reported as stable despite reports that its two main tanks were struck and that it sustained hull damage. Unconfirmed reports that an initial oil spill was brought under control (which may have resumed after the vessel began moving again, but was again brought under control), and that an unconfirmed fire was also brought under control. The cause of the explosions remain unknown, but may have been caused by missile strikes or mines. The vessel has now changed course to Lask (an island off the coast of Iran) under its own power, and the incident is being investigated.

Source: Various via CSO Alliance

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