Tanker Attacked Twice At Apapa Bob Terminal in Lagos

October 06: At 2230 UTC as the ship was berthed and discharging its cargo in APAPA BOP TERMINAL a tanker was attacked by two wooden boats manned with approx. 7/8 persons. The intruders were reportedly approaching in order to steal the cargo. The crew reacted immediately and suspended the discharging ops. During their escape from the jetty, one of the robbers shot at the crew with a firearm.

A few hours later, on 07 OCT 2019 at 0212 UTC a second attempt took place. Once again two wooden boats with approx. 4/5 persons on board approached the tanker. The crew and jetty security guards took action, and at 0230 UTC the perpetrators retreated. No crew member was injured and the vessel was reported safe.

Source: MDAT-GoG

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