Successful Boarding Near Malabo, Equatorial Guinea; At Least 7 Crew Abducted

November 25: The below incident was updated to add further details, including vessel type, name, and information on crew kidnapping.

November 20: Confirmed reports that the supply vessel WARDEN, chartered by US-based oil and gas company ExxonMobil, was boarded by an unknown number of pirates in position 0345.56N- 00814.1E (approx. 30nm NW of Malabo) at 04:20UTC.At least seven of the 15 crew members aboard the vessel have been abducted. The crew included Cameroonian, Filipino, Serbian, and South African nationals, although the identity of those abducted has not been confirmed. The Warden had been transiting to Luba, situated on the western coast of Bioko island, from the Zafiro oilfield at the time of the attack. Investigations are ongoing.

Source: MDAT-GoG & PGI Ltd

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