Authorities Arrest Head of Narcotics Trafficking Operation Out of Algeciras, Spain

December 14: On Saturday, Spanish authorities arrested the suspected head of a major narcotics trafficking group operating in Algeciras port. Referred to only as “J.G.M.” and “King of the Port” in Algeciras, the 54-year-old is described as “one of the most violent and dangerous people” in the Campo de Gibraltar.

Believed to have been heavily involved in decades of facilitating narcotics shipments at one of the country’s busiest ports, he has been arrested several times before, but authorities have previously been unable to make the charges stick.

The arrest is part of Operation Estratum, carried out by the UCO, a specialised narcotics arm of the Guardia Civil. Two other suspects were also arrested at the same time, including J.G.M.’s 32-year-old son. In the raid, Guardia Civil seized €710,000 cash in €50 notes from J.G.M’s home. Some 13 properties have also been seized around the Campo de Gibraltar while 14 bank accounts have been frozen, reportedly containing ‘a significant sum of money.’ Added to the seized goods is a €100,000 yacht recently bought by J.G.M and 11 luxury vehicles, including SUVs and a motorhome.

The arrests come after 21 individuals, including 10 port workers, were arrested last summer after being caught attempting to traffic 480 kilos of cocaine. It was from there that investigators focused in on J.G.M.

Source: The Olive Press / Laurence Dollimore

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