Investigation Finds That Workers Likely Behind At Least One “Pirate” Attack Against Mexican Oil Platform

January 02: Amongst hundreds of piracy incidents in the Gulf of Mexico in 2019, new investigations into incident/s against oil platforms in Tabasco and Campeche has revealed that workers likely perpetrated thefts and falsely reported them as piracy incidents. It is currently unclear from reports how many “piracy” incidents are under suspicion of being false reports.

Local media reports that investigations uncovered inaccuracies in workers’ testimonies about the theft of eight self-contained breathing apparatuses (ERAs) and four complete sets of fire-fighting equipment, which were originally reported to have been stolen by six “pirates” who escaped on a small boat.

The original report stated that the stolen equipment was lowered from the platform in such a way that investigators judged unlikely due to their bulk. Additionally, statements by workers did not align, including on how many assailants boarded the platform. Moreover, surveillance video had been stopped ahead of the attack. Investigators also became suspicious as the reports in question occurred during a time period where there were no other reports of piracy activity in the vicinity. When the incident against the oil platform near Campeche was reported, the Mexican Navy searched the area and could not find any vessels in the vicinity.

109 people reportedly work on the oil platform in question. It is unclear how many may have been complicit with any wrongdoing.

Source: Translated From La Verdad

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