Saudi Arabia’s Defense Ministry Concludes Naval Drills for Red Sea Countries

January 03: A military drill aimed at boosting maritime security in the Red Sea ended Thursday, with a top Saudi naval officer saying it was the first exercise of its kind. Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti, Yemen and Jordan were among the countries that took part in Red Wave 1.

Gen. Ali Al-Ghamdi said it was the first joint drill promoting naval security in the Red Sea region, considered one of the most important economic sea routes in the world.

He added that several units took part in the exercise, along with Typhoon fighter jets, and exercises included training on shooting naval and air targets.

The exercise was part of the effort to bolster naval security for the Red Sea countries, protect regional waters, promote military cooperation and exchange expertise among participants.

Saudi Arabia’s military Chief of Staff Gen. Fayyad bin Hamed Al-Ruwaili and his counterparts from participating armed forces were also present for the drill.

Last year, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defense organized a massive military exercise to support security, stability and cooperation in the region.

Attended by 23 brotherly countries, the ‘Gulf Shield-1’ drill was considered the largest in the region in terms of the number of participating countries and the techniques used in accordance with the most modern military systems in the world.

Irregular warfare, coastal defense, combat search and rescue, naval warfare exercises and extensive flying operations were conducted during the sea phase of the exercise.

Pakistan was the leading contributor to Joint Gulf Shield-1, both in terms of personnel and assets.

Source: Arab News

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