3 Nigerian Nationals Stowaway on Bulk Carrier Behind Propeller at Apapa Port

This report has been updated to add further information.

January 30: Three Nigerian nationals reportedly stowed away aboard the MV UNITY while she was berthed at Apapa Port in Nigeria, hiding behind the vessel’s propeller.

The trio was reportedly under the misapprehension that the vessel was headed towards Spain, whereas she was rather heading towards Ghana, where the stowaways were discovered at Tema Port.

The suspects had in their a possession an alcoholic beverage, provisions, and a hammer. According to them, they had “outsmarted” workers on the vessel and hoped to seek better opportunities in Europe.

According to security officials, one of the suspects was also arrested in 2019 for a similar offence and had at that time been deported back to Nigeria with approx. $600 dollars.

Tema Port Security Manager, Col Punamane said the issue of stowaways being disembarked at the Tema Port is becoming a major concern and wants measures to be put in place to ensure the act of stowaway doesn’t become attractive to the youth.

Source: Prime News Ghana / Justice Kofi Bimpeh

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