Further Details on Feb 18 Stand-Off Attack By Opposition Forces on Libyan Port of Tripoli

February 18: Further details have become available regarding the strike on the Libyan port of Libya last week:

Three people were killed, five injured and an LPG Tanker suffered a near miss while offloading in Port of Tripoli, Libya following a stand-off attack on the port by opposition forces. Fuel vessels were immediately evacuated and all offloading operations were suspended after projectiles struck a warehouse in the port.

 The shelling was reportedly aimed at targeting/deterring the offloading of weapons shipments from Turkey that were bound for Government forces; with unconfirmed reports that the bridge of a Turkish tug allegedly involved in the weapons shipment was damaged.

 There has been a drop in oil production production as a result of the blockade of ports and pipelines to the current level of 123,537 b/d, , with losses potentially exceeding USD 1 billion from the ongoing disruption to oil production and supply. 

 Vital facilities in Tripoli and some surrounding areas, as well as in Southern regions, are still facing supply shortages due to the security situation. 

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