MARAD Warns of Maritime Mine Threat in Southern Red Sea

February 13: The US Maritime Administration has issued the following alert:

A maritime threat has been reported in coastal waters between Midi, Yemen and Jizan, Saudi Arabia. The nature of the event is reported to be mines in the water that may have drifted north from Yemen following a seasonal change of current flow. The confirmed threat is predominately located in the area bounded by: (A) 16-45.6N 042-15.7E; (B) 15-41.5N 042-39.4E; (C) 15-54.0N 043-02E; (D) 16-58.N 042-35.1E, but the threat may extend outside of it. Exercise caution when transiting this region. 


CSO Alliance notes that this alert comes following the death of three Egyptian fishermen killed by sea mines in the Southern Red Sea on February 05.

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