CTF 151 and Oman talks

Press Release

Commander of CTF 151 (CCTF 151) held a video conference call with the Commander of the Royal Navy of Oman (CRNO) to discuss future combined efforts in the Arabian Sea and around the Gulf of Aden.

Rear Admiral Nejat Inanir (CCTF 151) talked with Rear Admiral Abdullah Bin Kamis Bin Abdullah Al Raisi about information sharing between CTF 151 and Oman; CCTF 151 requested continued assistance in identifying regional merchant shipping from the Royal Oman Navy, while offering CTF 151’s assistance in providing Oman with Pattern of Life information from outside Oman’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

The two commanders also discussed the possibility of warships from the Royal Navy of Oman providing a further temporary presence in their national waters to bolster the counter-piracy task force of CTF 151, deterring pirate activity in the region.

“I am glad to assist and cooperate with future efforts,” said RADM Al Raisi. “We are always there to support such efforts.”

RADM Inanir commented on a recent demonstration of partnership, during which the Turkish-commanded CTF 151 and Oman worked together to assist a stranded dhow that was drifting in international waters for several days. A US Navy logistics ship supporting CTF 151’s operations delivered much needed provisions to the vessel, before an Oman Navy corvette arrived to take the dhow undertow to Duqm for repairs.

“We are always grateful for your cooperation and your maritime security operations in the region,” said RADM Al Raisi (CRNO) during the virtual meeting.

“Incidents such as the stranded dhow demonstrate how the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and Oman are quick and agile to respond to unexpected events in the region,” said RADM Inanir. “Further collaboration and relationship strengthening is good news for legitimate seafarers.”

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