West Africa

  • Double Trouble

    Pirates in the Gulf of Guinea seized two Panamanian-registered ships early on Sunday, staging the second attack there in a week, but released them after being intercepted by a naval […]

  • West Coast Release

    An Italian tanker seized by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea off Benin earlier this week has been freed. The “RBD Anema e Core” with a crew of 23 on […]

  • Italian Target

    According to news reports, pirates seized an Italian tanker with a crew of 23 in the Gulf of Guinea on Sunday. Three pirates managed to board the vessel, “Rbd Anema e […]

  • Quick Release

    A Greek oil tanker hijacked by gunmen off the coast of Nigeria at the weekend has been released along with its 20-strong crew, according to the Greek coastguard. The Liberian-flagged […]

  • Gone West

    Armed men hijacked a Greek oil tanker off the coast of Nigeria at the weekend and took the 20 crew-members hostage, according to reports from Greek port police. A port […]

  • Benin Bite

    The IMB has warned ships to be vigilant when travelling past Benin following a spate of piracy attacks off the west African country. Noel Choong, head of the Kuala Lumpur-based […]

  • Tanker Thefts

    According to the UK P&I Club, there is an extremely worrying new “piracy” trend developing off West Africa. Previous attacks off the West African coast have usually involved petty theft […]

  • Go West

    The Gulf of Guinea is a growing source of oil, cocoa and metals to world markets. However rising rates of piracy, drug smuggling, and political uncertainty in an area ravaged […]

  • Saharan Express

    When the Pentagon established a new regional combatant command known as Africa Command (AFRICOM) in  February 2007 there was only one country, Liberia, prepared to host an AFRICOM regional Headquarters. […]

  • Riverine Readiness

    Nigerians have long honed their riverine combat skills and in the spirit of multilateral collaboration and cross-border cooperation—both these are being passed on to the Sengalese armed forces. As part […]