• Seafarer Protest

    Thousands of seafarers will take part in a protest marches in eight cities across India on Wednesday to condemn the hijackings and hostage taking by Somali pirates. The protests will be held […]

  • Deploring The Pirates

    The International Chamber of Shipping, ITF, Indian National Shipowners’ Association, NUSI, MUI, IMEC, InterManager, Intertanko and BIMCO deplore the latest development in the Indian Ocean piracy crisis as some Indian […]

  • Ransom Paid

    Somali pirates promised on Monday that they would release all Indonesian hostages onboard “Sinar Kudus”. The pirates have reportedly received a 3 million U.S. dollar ransom, a pirate said in a phone […]

  • Make Some Noise

    BIMCO President Robert Lorenz-Meyer has called for a highly audible protest from the shipping industry against piracy. He has called for a 30-second blast from ships’ horns every day at noon, […]

  • Ransom Renegades

    Somali pirates who took a multi-million dollar ransom for hijacked Indian freighter “MT Asphalt Venture”, have refused to release seven of the 15 Indian crew members held as hostages. This […]

  • Violent Tide

    A freed hostage has been looking back on the violence he experienced at the hands of Somali pirates. Sandeep Dangwal who was a crewmember of the “Marida Marguerite” has been […]

  • Raised Ransom

    Somali pirates have reportedly doubled their ransom demand over 20 ship crews of Indonesia’s “Sinar Kudus”. Earlier, the pirates requested US$2.6 million. However, the demand was multiplied to US$3.5 million. […]

  • Mothership Release

    Somali pirates have released 10 Indonesian seafarers after their Taiwanese fishing vessel was taken by pirates on March 30, 2010. The sailors were part of a 15-member crew aboard a […]

  • Heading Home

    The crew of “MV Jahan Moni”, freed last week after 99 days in captivity will be returning home from Oman today a day earlier than expected.  The good health of […]

  • Child Pirates

    In many war zones the term “child soldier” is commonplace. Now, it seems that the term “child pirate” is likely to gain similar currency. Indian authorities have been confounded to […]