Sailing and Leisure

  • Is Abandoning Ship the Only Resort in Times of Tragedy?

    Consider a ship getting stranded in bad weather due to which she finds herself struggling to stay afloat. In such circumstances what are the chances that her crew would fight […]

  • Warning to Yacht Owners

    European Union Naval Force Commander Reminds Yacht and Leisure Craft Owners That Piracy Still a Clear and Present Danger in Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean. Rear Admiral Potts who […]

  • Search Continues

    The search for the¬†captain of a replica of ¬†HMS Bounty that sunk 90 miles off North Carolina continues. The Coast Guard rescued 14 of the 16-person crew and recovered a […]

  • Yachts Remain Vulnerable to Pirates

    Intelligence from the NATO Shipping Centre (NSC), the Maritime Security Centre for the Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), UK Maritime and other agencies remains clear; that all sailing yachts should avoid […]

  • More Than a Dozen Missing

    (Reuters) – Divers searched through the night for more than a dozen people missing after a ferry carrying more than 120 passengers sank south of Hong Kong after a collision […]

  • Russia’s nuclear-powered icebreaker

    Russia’s plans to build the world’s biggest nuclear-powered icebreaker could attract more trade to the country, says a leading UK analyst. The new ship is meant to be more efficient […]

  • Post Release Comments

    The South African couple who were released by Somali pirates after 18 months in captivity finally spoken out, saying they are still struggling to believe they are free. Deborah Calitz […]

  • We’re Not Defeated

    Rachel and Paul Chandler, a couple from the United Kingdom held hostage by Somali pirates for a year, have announced that they plan to complete their round-the-world sailing trip. Paul […]

  • Yacht Race Deaths

    Two sailors killed in a mysterious crash at sea that reduced their vessel to ruins during a yacht race from California to Mexico died of blunt-force injuries, while a third […]

  • On-Board Protection System

    The rise in piracy and the general concern about the vulnerability of pleasure craft and their occupants has made yacht security a fast-growing industry. LSN (LifeSafetyNow) On-Board Early Warning Protection […]