Offshore Installations

  • War games boost PH defense

    Phiblex exercise concludes.  War games boost PH territorial defense capability By Frances Mangosing MANILA, Philippines—The just concluded Philippine-US war games honed the maritime defense capability of the Philippine Marines amid a […]

  • Maritime terrorism in SE Asia

    Islamists pose an increasing threat to maritime security. Terrorist Threats from the Maritime Domain: Singapore’s Response – Analysis Terrorist threats from the maritime domain are a recurring challenge around South […]

  • Piracy warning ahead of Nigeria election

    Analysts all predicting sharp rise in attacks.  Piracy expected to increase ahead of Nigeria’s election By Ole Mikkelsen COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Piracy will increase in the Gulf of Guinea as Nigeria prepares […]

  • Rig evacuated in nuclear scare

    Incident being classed as “serious”.  Oil rig evacuated after ship carrying radioactive waste drifts An oil platform has been evacuated after a ship carrying radioactive material caught fire and began […]

  • Maritime terrorism: Karachi analysis

    Failed al Qaeda attack has broad security implications for Pakistan. Maritime terrorism: Karachi as a starting point – Analysis By Vijay Sakhuja The recent attempt by the Al Qaeda in […]

  • Royal Malaysian Navy combats threats

    Piracy, robbery and smuggling all regional issues.  How the Royal Malaysian Navy plans to combat trans-border maritime threats in the Sabah region Contributor:  Defence IQ Press In the context of […]

  • Industry issues new piracy guide

    Updated guidelines reflect ongoing issues in Gulf of Guinea. Shipping Industry Releases Updated Anti-Piracy Guidelines on Gulf of Guinea Region The Round Table of international shipping industry associations has released […]

  • Indonesia bolsters defences

    Fighter and Apache helicopter bases planned.  RI to strengthen defense in South China Sea To increase its military defenses in the South China Sea, the government is preparing to establish […]

  • PMSCs and the piracy threat

    PMSCs looking to move into new markets with their services.  Maritime Mercenaries or Innovative Defense? Private Security & The Evolving Piracy Threat John-Clark Levin On Sept. 23, the United States […]

  • Pirates of the Gulf of Guinea

    Despite claims to the contrary from certain corners, maritime crime remains at a worrying level. Pirates of the Gulf of Guinea Nick Turse “The Gulf of Guinea is the most […]