Offshore Installations

  • Gas Leak on Platform

    Workers taken off North Cormorant platform after gas leak. An investigation is under way after more than 90 workers were evacuated from a North Sea oil platform following a gas […]

  • BP Agrees to Plead Guilty

    BP Exploration and Production Inc. (BP) has agreed to plead guilty to felony manslaughter, environmental crimes and obstruction of Congress and pay a record $4 billion in criminal fines and […]

  • Nigeria’s Corrupt Oil Market

    Corruption did not begin with President Goodluck Jonathan’s government. But, at the current rate, corruption would kill Nigeria on his watch. By a number of credible accounts, more than $500 […]

  • Grounded Super Pumas Fly Again

    The onshore/offshore transport of North Sea oil workers will begin to return to normality this week as some of the grounded Super Puma helicopters begin to fly again. Grounded North Sea Super […]

  • Oil Workers Collected

    North Sea oil workers forced to remain on offshore platforms after last week’s helicopter ditching are being picked up by boat. Talisman Energy sends boat to collect overdue oil workers […]

  • Oil Turf Tension

    Venezuelan police board Petrotrin rig in the Gulf. There was tension on the high seas yesterday as Venezuela’s police, La Guardia Nacional, boarded a Petrotrin oil rig to determine whether […]

  • Shipping Faces New Security Challenge

    Piracy off the coast of East Africa has fallen dramatically over the past year thanks in part to better naval surveillance and shipping companies going to sea with armed maritime […]

  • Floating Armoury Held

    The name Sinbad has long been synonymous with sailing – however, of late it has also been associated with floating armouries. The vessel “Sinbad” has become a haven to store […]

  • Cyber attackers target Iranian oil platforms

    (Reuters) – Cyber attackers have targeted communication networks on Iranian offshore oil and gas platforms in the past few weeks, but their attacks have been repelled, a state official was […]

  • Troubled Waters

    “Were Hezbollah to target gas platform and production rigs, such an attack would likely provoke a robust response from Israeli forces, which may in turn precipitate a broader conflict.” – Anthony […]