Ports and Terminals

  • Libya ‘takes control’

    Libyan officials say they have taken “complete control” of a North Korean-flagged tanker that loaded crude oil at a port occupied by rebel forces. Libya ‘takes control’ of North Korea-flagged […]

  • Libya threatens to bomb tanker

    Libya’s prime minister has threatened to bomb a North Korean-flagged tanker if it tries to export oil from a rebel-controlled port. Libya threatens to bomb North Korea-flagged tanker Libya’s prime […]

  • On board blockaded Ukrainian ship

    A military stand-off has been taking place in the Crimean port of Sevastopol with sailors from the Ukrainian navy being prevented from leaving their ships by Russian forces. Ukraine crisis: […]

  • Russian ship blocks Crimean port

    A Russian ship is blocking the entrance to the harbour in Sevastopol, as tension in Crimea mounts. The BBC’s Christian Fraser reports. Ukraine crisis: Russian ship blocks Crimean port A Russian […]

  • Decrease in piracy reopens trade

    Piracy off the coast of Somalia has fallen to its lowest level for eight years, thanks to international naval patrols. The safer shipping lanes have encouraged firms in the Gulf to […]

  • Dock workers in Chile end a strike

    A spokesman for the dock workers, Sergio Vargas, said they would return to work on Sunday after signing an agreement with the port operators. Dock workers in Chile end a […]

  • Colombia blocks Drummond coal loading

    Colombia has ordered US-based coal producer Drummond to stop loading coal in Colombian ports until the company complies with new environmental rules. Colombia blocks Drummond coal loading after rule breach […]

  • Call for border controls move to Dover and Folkestone

    Philippe Mignonet, deputy mayor of Calais, said Britain was becoming a “magnet for illegal immigrants”. He said transferring border controls from Calais to Dover and Folkestone would solve the “British problem”. […]

  • Border Force ‘neglecting duties’, say MPs

    “The force neglected to examine freight for illicit goods, neglected to check lorries in Calais for concealed illegal entrants, and failed to check passengers coming into Britain on private planes […]

  • UN envoy deplores deadly attack

    The top United Nations envoy in Somalia has strongly condemned a violent and “cowardly” attack on Puntland government forces today that reportedly killed several people and injured dozens of others. […]