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  • CMF drugs seizures a success

    Operation scores huge success in drug seizures. Nearly 2 tons of narcotics seized under CTF150 Operation Southern Surge In the last two months, the French-UK led Combined Task Force (CTF) […]

  • Tracking the drug trade

    Tackling the traffickers.  From Afghanistan to Africa: Heroin trafficking in East Africa and the Indian Ocean CARINA BRUWER Interest in drug trafficking in Africa has typically focused on cocaine in […]

  • U.S. Forces Refocused on Asia Pacific

    Deputy Secretary of Defense Carter gave a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center on October 3, 2012 and discussed the strategic rebalance of our armed forces in the Asia Pacific […]

  • Somalia Stalemate

    Many still see Afghanistan as the world’s trouble spot, but in reality the country that continues to have what seems to be the most insurmountable difficulties is Somalia. A troubled […]