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  • US says China’s Jin-class sub ready

    JL-2 missile could hit all 50 U.S. states from east of Hawaii. Pentagon Says Chinese Sub That Can Hit U.S. to Go on Patrol Soon By Anthony Capaccio David Tweed […]

  • The Ultimate Hybrid War Strategy

    Cyber attack? Just cut the cable… The Ultimate Hybrid War Strategy: Attack Deep-Sea Fiber-Optic Cables Steve Weintz When a July 2015 undersea tremor triggered a rockslide between the islands of […]

  • US calls for end to China land grab

    “Turning an underwater rock into an airfield simply does not afford the rights of sovereignty…” Carter Calls For ‘Immediate & Complete Halt’ To South China Sea Island Building By COLIN […]

  • Sea Breeze 2015 Concludes

    Multi-national land and sea exercise concludes. Sea Breeze 2015 Concludes in Odesa by Joseph R. Fonseca The annual U.S.-Ukraine co-hosted multinational training exercise Sea Breeze 2015 concluded in Odesa, Ukraine […]

  • US, Philippines discuss freedom of seas

    China looms large in discussions. Spokesman: US, Philippines Hold Talks On Boosting Military Capacity Agence France-Presse MANILA — America’s Pacific commander held talks with the Philippine military Wednesday on ways to […]

  • US Vs Caribbean Narco-Pirates

    The fight against transnational crime. US Southcom Vs Caribbean Narco-Pirates The following is a guest post by author W. Alejandro Sanchez.  The author would like to thank CARICOM IMPACS for […]

  • Marsec Experts Convene in San Diego

    Waterborne and facility security on agenda. Maritime Security Experts Convene in San Diego By Edward Lundquist Maritime security experts from federal, state and local jurisdictions are meeting in San Diego […]

  • De-escalating S. China Sea tensions

    The ongoing situation in Southeast Asia. Beyond the Security Dilemma? De-escalating Tension in the South China Sea Guest post for Chinese Military Strategy Week by Jan Stockbruegger In May 2015 […]

  • Iranian Warship Points Weapon At US Helo

    Cameraman seen behind deck gun. Iranian Warship Points Weapon At US Military Helicopter In Gulf Of Aden, Defense Officials Confirm By Christopher Harress An Iranian warship operating in the Gulf of […]

  • USS Stethem visits Qingdao

    Despite South China Sea tensions, US Navy makes port call. USS Stethem visits Qingdao to promote cooperation with PLA(N) By Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kevin V. Cunningham USS Stethem […]