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  • UN Urges Regional Anti-Piracy Strategy

    A comprehensive regional strategy is critical if countries are to successfully combat piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, a top United Nations official stressed today, highlighting the threat posed to […]

  • Jobs Can Help End Piracy

    Somalia hasn’t had a functioning central government since the outbreak of civil war in 1991. Pirates and terrorist organizations have flourished in the country’s instability, however, Somalia’s prime minister believes […]

  • Inaugural SCEG Conference

    The SCEG is a special interest group within the UK’s aerospace, defence and security trade association, ADS Group. The SCEG was appointed by the UK Government in June 2011 as […]

  • Dryad’s Global Anti-Piracy Centre

    As part of the response to the threat of pirates, Dryad Maritime have set up an intelligence hub manned round-the-clock by a team of ex-Royal Navy warfare specialists and intelligence […]

  • More Armed Guards

    In October 2011, the British Prime Minister said  that UK ships could carry armed security details. It is now estimated that 20-30% of UK ships in the high risk areas carry armed […]

  • More armed guards on UK ships

    A number of major UK shipping companies now carry armed teams to combat the threat of Somali pirates, a leading industry security spokesman has said. The prime minister said in […]

  • The London Conference

    With only two weeks to go before the London Conference, Matt Baugh, the British Ambassador to Somalia, has posted an update to his FCO blog site detailing his activities over […]

  • Somali Pirates Cost $6.9 Billion

    Somali pirates cost the shipping industry and governments as much as $6.9 billion last year as average ransom payments advanced 25 percent, according to One Earth Future Foundation. Somali Pirates […]

  • Pirate Attacks in Guyana

    Guyana is planning to tighten security measures on its waterways following the spate of pirate attacks on the country’s Pomeroon River. Guyana Tightens Maritime Security after Pirate Attacks By the Caribbean […]

  • Technology used to combat piracy

    Big players in defence intelligence have come together in London to highlight how data and intelligence, used in a smart way, can help tackle piracy. It is the latest move […]