Tag: anti-terror

  • Somalia gets support

    Somalia desperate for arms embargo lift. Somalia signs security pact with backers at London talks Somalia has signed a security pact with the international community aimed at building a national […]

  • Ferries use French guards

    Ferries from UK continue to rely on French armed guards. Armed French sea marshals deployed on Barfleur in anti-terror exercise Jim Durkin ARMED French sea marshals were deployed on Brittany […]

  • CMF in anti-terror training

    Joint ops to enhance collaboration and skills. French ships involved in counter-terrorism missions and Djibouti Navy Training at Sea Captain RenĂ©-Jean Crignola, Commander, Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150), visited La […]

  • CTF-150 counter terror ops

    Multi-nation Operation Eureka. CMF ships and aircraft conduct counter-terrorism operations with CTF-150 Warships, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft from New Zealand, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and the United States have […]