Tag: Armed Teams

  • More Armed Guards

    In October 2011, the British Prime Minister said  that UK ships could carry armed security details. It is now estimated that 20-30% of UK ships in the high risk areas carry armed […]

  • Unbeaten but Under Pressure

    One reason for the decline in successful attacks has been the increased use by shipping of armed guards and other security measures. But as successful attacks decline, ransom prices have […]

  • Two fishermen shot dead by guards

    Thiruvananthapuram: Taking a strong stand on two Indian fishermen being shot at and killed by the security personnel of Italian ship Enrica Lexie on Wednesday night, the Ministry of External […]

  • Welcome Move

    The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) has welcomed the UK Flag stance on armed guards, as they believe it significant that shipowners will now be able to access […]

  • Gunning It

    We have spoken at length in the past about armed guards on ships, and over the past couple of months a number of flag States have begun to show their […]

  • No List

    Following the rather surprising Lloyd’s List article a couple of weeks ago, the International Group of ‘P&I clubs has vehemently denied that it has drawn up a confidential lists of […]

  • Armed Rules

    Norway has issued clarification on a number of issues relating to the deployment of armed guards. The Norwegian regulations set out the type of weaponry that can deployed, how to […]

  • Go East

    One of the largest companies providing armed guards for shipowners is to open an office in Hong Kong next month to help develop closer business links with Asian shipowners. A […]

  • IMO Armed Decision

    The appointment of armed teams on ships has rocketed over the past six months, and the furore has grown to such an extent that the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) was […]

  • Video Evidence

    On the 5th April, an armed security team prevented an attack on the ‘Pacific Opal’. During the exchange the team, from security company PVI, recorded video evidence of the incident. 24 hours after […]