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  • ReCAAP, MPA piracy training

    ReCAAP, MPA and Japan join forces. Anti-piracy training for veteran maritime officers Zhaki Abdullah A new training programme for experienced maritime enforcement officers, aimed at helping combat piracy and armed […]

  • Anti-Piracy guide for Asia

    ReCAAP creates guide with Singapore Navy and others. New anti-piracy guide for tankers operating in Asia In view of the increase of cargo related thefts in Asia, The Regional Cooperation […]

  • In Asia, C4ISR Market is Growing

    TAIPEI — Maritime territorial disputes and security problems have caused the Asian market for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) to continue expanding. China’s aggressive behavior in the East China and […]

  • “Freedom of Navigation”

    The US Navy’s presence in Asia will help safeguard “freedom of navigation”, amid China’s claims to sovereignty over vast waters in the region. US Navy to guard “freedom of navigation” […]

  • Asia powers double defense spending

    WASHINGTON — Asia’s top powers have doubled defense spending in the past decade, spurred by the explosion in military expenditure by China, new research shows. While troop numbers have remained […]

  • Merchant Ship Diverted

    Fearing that desperate asylum seekers he had rescued in Indonesian waters posed a threat to his crew, the captain of a merchant ship bound for Singapore changed course for Australia. Merchant […]

  • Panetta urges naval strength in Asia

    Mr Panetta said US naval strength should be enhanced in the Asia-Pacific region Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has emphasised the importance of a strong US naval presence in Asia, on […]

  • Defence Spending

    Reflecting their maritime domain ambitions, three of the most vibrant economies in Asia have continued to increase their military spending. China, India and South Korea have been beefing up their […]

  • EU Assistance to Asia

    As Europe’s growth is contingent on Asia’s prosperity, ensuring unrestricted navigation in Asia’s waterways is thus of the utmost strategic interest to the European Union. Given that Asia’s geopolitical hotspots […]

  • Fending Them Off

    On March 27, 2011 a group of pirates attempted to seize the tanker “Asia”, owned by Novoship. The vessel was 235 nm northeast of Socotra Island, when a boat with […]