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  • ‘Piracy on the high seas’

    Australia asylum policy under fire. ‘Piracy on the high seas’: Malcolm Fraser Deborah Snow Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has characterised Australia’s interdiction and detention of  more than 150 […]

  • Customs Swamped

    Customs is struggling to crew patrol planes and boats as it battles record numbers of asylum seeker arrivals. A surge in boats from Sri Lanka intercepted off the Cocos Islands […]

  • Search Called Off

    After Australian and commercial ships having plucked more than 50 people from the sea, the rescue operation for survivors of a boat carrying asylum seekers that sank near Indonesia’s Java […]

  • Missing Asylum Boat

    Australian and Indonesian authorities are searching for a missing boat, believed to be carrying asylum seekers. Australia and Indonesia search for missing asylum boat Australian and Indonesian authorities are searching […]

  • Merchant Ship Diverted

    Fearing that desperate asylum seekers he had rescued in Indonesian waters posed a threat to his crew, the captain of a merchant ship bound for Singapore changed course for Australia. Merchant […]

  • Hazardous Journeys

    Ships and aircraft scoured the Indian Ocean on Friday for survivors after a boat capsized off Australia’s remote Christmas Island, with three people confirmed dead and more than 80 missing. […]

  • Boat Refugees

    New Zealand is proposing new measures to allow authorities to detain large groups of boat refugees under a single warrant for up to six months. If New Zealand passes the […]