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  • Avant Garde skipper bailed

    Captain was in charge of floating armoury. Ukrainian captain of MV Avant-Garde granted bail A Sri Lankan court Thursday granted bail to the Ukrainian Captain of the MV Avant Garde […]

  • PMSCs earn SL $20 million

    Avant Garde’s loss is Sri Lanka’s gain. Sri Lanka Navy earns over US$ 20 million from OBST Operations Sri Lanka Navy said it has earned the over US$ 20 million […]

  • AMGS armoury scrapped

    Floating armoury goes for scrap. Avant Garde ship sails to India to be sold for scrap metal The vessel used by the controversial Avant Garde Maritime Security Services as a […]

  • AGMS issues continue

    Avant Garde issues rumble on. Sri Lanka: Avant Garde owes Navy Rs. 1.7 billion — AG’s advice sought The Ministry of Defence, Sri Lanka,  will consult the Attorney General for […]

  • Sri Lanka Navy’s piracy profits

    Job previously done by Avant Garde Maritime Services. Sri Lanka Navy earns over Rs. 2.3 billion in a year from maritime security operations The Sri Lanka Navy has earned over […]

  • Charges in Avant Garde case

    Illegal weapons are a serious issue for the private maritime security industry. Sri Lanka’s Gotabhaya Rajapaksa charged with corruption One of Sri Lanka’s most controversial politicians has been charged with […]

  • Weapons ‘missing’ from floating armoury

    Majority recovered, says AGMS. ‘Over 170 Government weapons went missing from 2009 and 2013’ Kamal Jayamanna Avante Garde Employees Association Media Spokesman and former Manager of Commercial Vessel Protection, Lt […]

  • Floating armoury deal pulled

    The Avant Garde investigations are part of a wide probe of allegedly corrupt deals. Sri Lanka scraps security firm’s deals on running floating armories BY SHIHAR ANEEZ Sri Lankan President […]

  • Sri Lanka travel ban over arms ship

    Investigations continue into floating armoury used by many PMSCs. Sri Lanka travel ban for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa over arms ship A court in Sri Lanka has banned Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the former […]