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  • Baltic Fleet enter Gulf

    Oh, good. Everyone’s here… Russian Baltic Fleet missile frigate enters Gulf of Aden on anti-piracy mission The Russian Baltic Fleet’s frigate Yaroslav Mudry has left the port of Djibouti to […]

  • Russia and the Baltic

    The Dimensions of Russian Sea Denial in the Baltic Sea By Tobias Oder Introduction Over the last few years, the Russian Federation pursued an increasingly assertive foreign policy in Eastern […]

  • Germany and the Baltic Sea

    Analysis of German Navy. The Baltic Sea and Current German Naval Strategy The following article is adapted from part of the 2015 Kiel Conference proceedings. By Dr. Sebastian Bruns With the […]

  • Sub accident sees sackings

    IRON-FISTED Russian President Vladimir Putin has fired his entire naval fleet’s officer class in the Baltic Sea amid concerns in the Kremlin that the fleet is was not following orders […]