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  • Iran ‘releases’ seized cargo ship

    Ship seized on April 28th by Iranian forces. Maersk Tigris: Iran ‘releases’ seized cargo ship Iran has released a container ship it seized in the Strait of Hormuz last week, […]

  • Iran Seizes Indian Ship

    In a development with serious international ramifications, theĀ Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has detained an Indian ship carrying oil in the Persian Gulf Iran seizes Indian ship carrying oil from Iraq […]

  • Underwater Warfare

    Iran’s Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Moussavi has stated that Iran’s ability to overhaul heavy submarines, including the Tareq 901 class, has put an end to the dependence of the country’s subsurface […]

  • Little Boat, Big Danger

    As tensions continue to rise in the Persian Gulf, does a British designed and built speedboat pose the biggest threat to coalition naval forces? Little boat, big danger: how a […]