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  • UNCONFIRMED Reports of Russia Abandoning Plans to Build Naval Base in Horn of Africa

    February 09: According to unconfirmed reports by Sputnik News, Russia no longer considers establishing a military base in the Horn of Africa a relevant issue and is therefore not conducting negotiations to that end, Russia’s […]

  • Russia Finalizes Plans To Set Up Naval Base In Somaliland

    Source: Busiweek January 31: Russia is stepping up plans to set up a military base in the Somaliland Port of Berbera according to reports from the United States Defense Department […]

  • UAE base for Somaliland

    Base puts Yemen within easy reach. Work Starts On New UAE Naval Base In Somaliland Divers Marine Contracting has started construction of a United Arab Emirates naval base in a […]

  • Somalia hit by Yemen conflict

    Livestock exports count for 40% of Somalia’s GDP. Somalia’s livestock and fisheries sectors feel the effects of Yemen Conflict The livestock and fishing sectors of Somalia have been seriously impacted […]

  • Humanitarian Aid by Sea

    During the last week EU Naval Force (NAVFOR) Spanish and French frigates have ensured that much needed humanitarian aid has been delivered safely to the people of Somalia.  From 5 […]