• Royal Thai Navy: Where to, post-coup

    The future for Thailand’s navy. The Royal Thai Navy: Where to, post-coup Guest Post by Paul Pryce  With a coup d’état in May 2014 and the appointment of General Prayut Chan-o-cha as Prime […]

  • Exercise Obangame Express 2015

    Multi national exercise in Gulf of Guinea. Obangame Express 2015: Two steps forward, one step back MATT HIPPLE Between 19 and 27 March OBANGAME EXPRESS, African Partnership Station’s annual exercise […]

  • Migration crisis in the Med

    Unified action required to end tragic deaths. Migration Crisis in the Mediterranean: A Contact Group is needed CHRISTIAN BUEGER The Mediterranean is in crisis. The flow of migrants trafficked illegally […]

  • Gulf of Guinea crime & piracy

    Calling everything ‘piracy’ does little to help the situation in the region. The Legalities of Gulf of Guinea Maritime Crime with Suggested Solutions HERBERT ANYIAM A Mess There is a […]

  • Economics and Somali Piracy

    How efficient is piracy as a method of transferring wealth to Somalia? Pirates generating ransoms could drive costs to industry up ten times the amount. Economics and Somali Piracy By […]