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  • Nigerian Navy sees off pirates

    Nigerian Navy foils attempted hijack of merchant ship – Official The Nigerian Navy said it successfully foiled an attempted hijack of a Merchant Vessel, MV UAL HOUSTON, around Bonny Fairway […]

  • Pirates board bulker

    India, China navies stop suspected Somali pirate attack on merchant vessel By Aditya Kalra A Chinese navy ship supported by an Indian navy helicopter thwarted an attack by suspected Somali […]

  • Armed robbery off Guinea

    After a quiet summer, the robbers are back in business. Pirates Loot Container Ship off Guinea Pirates stormed a container ship off the coast of Guinea on Wednesday, making off […]

  • Panic rooms for ships

    The legalities of running with armed guards in West Africa mean options are needed. Panic rooms for ships With the latest security alert from BIMCO effectively rendering the use of […]

  • Reconsidering Citadels

    Sometimes solving a problem requires looking at it from a completely different angle.   Crewshield adopted exactly that philosophy when designing their new Citadel. Mike Samways, a former Royal Navy […]

  • Hijacked Tanker Retaken

    A shipping company spokesman says an oil tanker seized by pirates off of Nigeria’s coast has been retaken by the country’s navy. Nigeria navy retakes hijacked oil tanker off coast […]

  • Hijacked in Lagos

    Pirates have hijacked a Singapore-owned oil tanker in the Nigerian port of Lagos – the third attack in just over two weeks in the Gulf of Guinea, the International Maritime […]

  • Aero-Citadel

    Imabari Shipbuilding has developed the Aero-Citadel, a newly designed superstructure which brings to realization both energy efficiency and anti-piracy measures. Energy efficiency The Aero-Citadel is a superstructure with slimly streamlined […]

  • Viewpoint

    A short but important text summing up BIMCO’s stated viewpoint and position on piracy, armed robbery, kidnapping, torture and murder at sea. BIMCO’s Position: Piracy, armed robbery, kidnapping, torture and […]

  • Crime wave

    The changing nature of piracy and related illegal maritime activity has forced a rethink in the way governments and businesses approach the threat, writes Alex Chitty Crime wave Alex Chitty, […]