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  • Control Risks issues piracy warning

    More Raids Expected as Weather Improves  Security Consultants Warn Container and Cargo Ships of Increased Pirate Activity off Somalia Security analysts and consultants group Control Risks has reported that 17 incidents of […]

  • Key Threats to Maritime Supply Chains

    Sebastian Villyn, Maritime Security Analyst at Control Risks, explains the importance of understanding the wide range of threats in the maritime environment and their potential impact on international supply chains. […]

  • Control Risks releases 2015 forecast

    Maritime crime rose by 26% in 2014. Control Risks releases 2015 forecast Public interest in maritime crime may have waned in parallel to a reduction in hijacks off Somalia in […]

  • Corruption in African Ports

    Serious bottlenecks combined with widespread corruption in the customs administration at many ports are major issues for businesses transporting maritime cargo STUCK IN THE BOTTLENECK Corruption in African Ports By […]

  • Under Threat

    Piracy is threatening the UAE’s coastal economy as attacks are being staged following a brazen and successful ship hijacking outside Salalah Port in Oman. Tim Stear, the global head of […]

  • In Perspective

    Richard Fenning, the chief executive of Control Risks has been speaking on the matter of Somali piracy. He sees this as a growing threat to world trade, in terms of […]