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  • Iran deports pirates

    Men all convicted of piracy by Iranian courts. Iran Deports Suspected Pirates to Somalia Thirteen Somali nationals have been deported to Somalia after serving several years in Iranian jails for […]

  • Seychelles to Transfer Pirates

    15 prisoners to be repatriated. Seychelles to Transfer Pirates to Somalia Seychelles authorities will transfer convicted pirates to Somalia in December to serve their jail terms in Horn of Africa […]

  • Pirates used AIS

    Malaysian authorities have come down hard on the hijacking gang took a Thai-flagged tanker earlier this month. Pirates used AIS tracking app to identify ship to hijack Local reports said […]

  • Pirates convicted in India

    Men have already served six years on remand. Somalian pirates convicted for 2010 hijacking can return home in a year By Sailee Dhayalkar More than six years after they were […]

  • Why be a pirate?

    What are the key piracy drivers? Why be a pirate? Understanding motivations for piracy Zamzam Tatu, M&C Saatchi World Services, Kenya Following primary research recently conducted at Montagne Posse Prison, Seychelles, […]

  • Convicted pirates return home

    All seven claim to be innocent. Naturally. 7 Somali Fishermen accused of Piracy released from Kenya jail Posted by Hussein Farah Kenya has released from its jails 7 Somali men […]

  • The Seychelles anti-piracy model

    West Africa looks to apply the Seychelles’ model. Opting for a preventive approach! West African nations look to Seychelles ‘successful piracy prosecution model By: Julia Malbrook and Sharon Uranie (Seychelles […]

  • Somalia wants pirates back

    Horrible conditions inside pirate prison. Much like those their hostages had to endure… Somalia wants repatriation of ‘pirate’ prisoners in Kenya jails Somalia has said that it is working for […]

  • Pirates freed in Yemen prison attack

    Prison attack frees pirates. Somalia: Convicted pirates freed in Yemen prison attack reach Puntland Convicted Somali pirates who were freed in Al Qaeda attack on a prison in the Yemeni […]

  • 126 pirates convicted in last four years

    British prosecutors in Seychelles. Horn of Africa: 126 pirates convicted in the in the past 4 years British prosecutors have worked with their counterparts in the Seychelles to convict 126 […]