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  • People Not As Good At Spotting Phishing As They Think They Are

    Source: ZDNet / Tom Foremski January 30: Most people say they know about phishing and what it involves, yet just 5% were able to correctly identify all types of scams […]

  • Marine cyber security concerns

    Marine information security under the spotlight. Take cyber security seriously, experts warn Paul Gunton reports from Danish Maritime Days, Copenhagen As ships get more sophisticated and more reliant on internet […]

  • Be Cyber Aware At Sea

    Global Maritime Cyber Awareness Initiative Launched Be Cyber Aware At Sea By Jordan Wylie JWC International a leading provider of Maritime & Offshore Cyber Security Training Solutions have launched the […]

  • Facing the cyber threat

    Shipping begins to take cyber crime seriously. International Maritime Cyber Crime Conference: Analysis By Malcolm Warr Last week, the maritime community came together for the International Maritime Cyber Crime Conference […]

  • Cyber threat still real

    Warnings issued to merchant fleet. Cyber Incidents Could Disrupt Merchant Ship, Port Operations, Experts Say By OTTO KREISHER, Seapower Special Correspondent ARLINGTON, Va. – As if the historic threat of […]

  • The port cyber risk

    Port and Terminal security weaknesses. How Technology Is Boosting Risk Levels at Ports and Terminals By: Robert J. Bowman Without question, technology has been a boon to global trade. But […]

  • Cyber incidents at US ports

    Coast Guard concerned over malicious and non-malicious incidents. Coast Guard official: Cyber incidents with physical consequences impacting the maritime transportation system By Molly Bernhart Walker Cyber threats are real and […]

  • Cyber security & maritime networks

    The older the ship’s network, the greater the risk. Cyber Security & the Challenge to Maritime Networks By Adrian Hartman & Paul Remick “Look at me: I am the Captain […]

  • Maritime Piracy 2.0

    Will technology transform maritime crime? Piracy 2.0: The Net-Centric Evolution BRIAN EVANS Network-Centric Warfare derives its power from the strong networking of a well-informed but geographically dispersed force. – VADM […]

  • Growing threat of cyber-attacks

    Security concerns persist in the shipping sector. Digital pirates and the growing threat of cyber-attacks to shipping By Charlie Bartlett from London In a world where young men are willing to pounce on […]