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  • Pirate Base Stormed

    Several suspected pirates, including a heavily armed gang accused of holding a Danish family hostage last year, have arrested by police in Somalia’s northern Puntland region. Somali forces storm suspected pirate […]

  • Danish Release

    A Danish family of five and two crew members captured by Somali pirates in February have been freed and brought to safety, Denmark’s government says. Jan Quist Johansen, his wife, […]

  • Family Deal

    Pirates have spoken of a deal being reached for the release of the Danish yachting family. Sources close to the pirates confirmed that they had reached a ransom deal with […]

  • Don’t Try Again

    Pirate have warned that any further forced attempts to free the Danish family now being held in captivity on land will result in their execution. The warning follows a botched rescue attempt […]

  • Attempt to Rescue Danish Family Repelled by Pirates

    According to the Associated Press an attempt on Thursday to free the Danish family held by a pirate gang failed. Actions were taken by the armed forces of the semiautonomous […]

  • Tensions Escalate

    With the arrival of a warship off the Somali coast near the location where seven Danish hostages are being held, tensions in the area have begun to rise. One Somali official warned […]