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  • 9 Pirates Sentenced Up to 14 years

    Pirates attacked the Torm Kansas in 2013. 9 Pirates Sentenced Up to 14 years For Attempted Hijack Danish Tanker in 2013 DENMARK FAILED to prosecute nine pirates for an attack […]

  • New strategy for combating piracy

    New Danish strategy to combat piracy. New strategy for combating piracy Denmark plays an essential role in protecting ships and seamen in the international seas around Africa The government has […]

  • Convicted pirates acquitted

    Convictions thrown out on appeal. Seychelles court of appeal acquits 3 suspected Somali pirates convicted of piracy By: Sharon Uranie The Seychelles Court of Appeal has acquitted and ordered the repatriation of 3 Somali pirates back […]

  • The Educated Hostage

    This handbook aims to prepare seafarers for encounters with Somali pirates, and contains valid information about the situation as a hostage on a ship or on land. It provides the […]