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  • Iran incident sees officer fired

    Commander relieved of duties. Navy fires officer in charge of sailors detained in Iran By Barbara Starr The U.S. Navy officer who oversaw the 10 sailors captured and briefly detained […]

  • Enthusiastic welcome for seized Argentina ship

    Thousands of people lined the shore as the ARA Libertad returned home following more than two months detention in Ghana over Argentina’s 2002 debt default. An Argentine naval ship which […]

  • Iran seizes Saudi fishing vessels

    Iran’s coastguard has reportedly detained two Saudi fishing vessels after they illegally entered Iranian waters to fish.  The detained crew are said to be Indian nationals. Iran seizes Saudi fishing vessels […]

  • Washed Up

    A week after 14 Somali pirates were detained off the Indian coast, another group of 21 foreign nationals, including 18 Somali pirates and three Yemenis, were detained as they washed […]