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  • Pirates release dhow

    Pirates release hijacked dhow On March 24th, UKMTO reported that pirates had hijacked a Somali fishing vessel, Casayr II No.30, off Eyl, Puntland, with the intent to use it as […]

  • Boat hit by Saudi jets

    Coalition forces clamp down on unknown vessels. Saudi jets attack Pakistani boat off Yemen, kill six sailors YEMEN – A Saudi air raid had targeted a boat carrying 12 Pakistani […]

  • Iranian fishing boat hijacked off Somalia

    Hijacking comes after several sightings of suspected pirates in region. Iranian fishing boat hijacked off Somalia Neptune has received reports that an Iranian fishing boat has been boarded by pirates […]

  • Hostages escape after five months

    Unclear whether captors were pirates or fishermen. Iranian ship and crew escape after 5 months in captivity off Somali coast An Iranian fishing vessel and its crew have escaped after […]

  • Yemen fishing vessel sinks off Somalia

    Vessel fishing illegally in Puntland waters. Yemen fishing vessel sinks off Somalia Coast A Yemen-owned fishing vessel has sank off the coast of Somalia’s Puntland autonomy state, with efforts to […]

  • More success against drug smuggling for CMF

    Total seizures this year estimated to be worth $1 billion. More success against drug smuggling for CTF-150 units Her Majesty’s Australian Ship (HMAS) Newcastle, which is deployed in direct support […]

  • US fires warning shot at Iranian dhow

    US Navy Ship Fires Warning Shot at Armed Iranian Dhow in Volatile Persian Gulf By Vasudevan Sridharan An American navy vessel fired a warning shot towards an armedIranian fishing vessel during […]

  • Anti-Piracy Ban Hits Shipbuilders

    Small cargo boats are prohibited from sailing south of Oman, effectively blocking trade not only to Somalia but other African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, as well as Yemen […]

  • Dhow Disrupted

    NATO and EU counter piracy forces have disrupted a pirated dhow freeing the crew and arresting the suspected pirates. Pirated Dhow Disrupted By Counter Piracy Forces After a three day […]