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  • Security in the Persian Gulf

    How to improve relations between Iran and Gulf States? Imagining a New Security Order in the Persian Gulf FREDERIC WEHREY, RICHARD SOKOLSKY For over three decades, the question of who […]

  • Ghana: help needed to fight piracy

    New oil and gas discoveries prompt security concerns. Ghanaian Chief of Staff says international help needed to fight piracy Written by Jonathan Katzenellenbogen The Chief of Ghana’s Defence Staff has […]

  • Iran builds naval power

    Iran is trying to implement some of the Shah’s plans for building a blue-water navy with Oman as an important mooring facility. As Iran builds naval power, it looks to […]

  • Securing the sealanes

    Ensuring energy security. Securing the sealanes of the super highway by Nicholas Rodgers Safe, secure and continuous supplies of energy are critical to modern society, providing the lifeblood to the […]

  • Iran’s approach to global energy security

    Iran explains its security approach. Iran’s approach to global energy security not politicized: Navy cmdr. A high ranking Iranian military commander says although Iran is located “at the focal point […]

  • Submarine pipeline security

    Energy security beneath the waves. Submarine pipeline security: an essential consideration Guest post by Westminster International Ltd. When it comes to a commodity such as oil, one which is both […]

  • The US Realignment of the Persian Gulf

    Analysis by CIMSEC. The US Realignment of the Persian Gulf Regional Security Complex WILLIAM ALLEN The Persian Gulf sits at the nexus of multiple regional security complexes overlaid one upon another, creating […]

  • Protecting Gas Fields

    Israel’s huge offshore gas resources require an ‘entire new defensive envelope’ but is there a risk of the defense system costing more to build than the value of the gas […]

  • Chokepoints

    World oil chokepoints for maritime transit of oil are a critical part of global energy security. About half of the world’s oil production moves on maritime routes. Chokepoints are narrow […]