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  • Coalition Task Force Sentinel Celebrates First Anniversary

    MANAMA (NNS) – Members of Coalition Task Force (CTF) Sentinel celebrated the organization’s first anniversary at Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain, Nov. 5. During this the past year, CTF Sentinel […]

  • Houthi Rebels Release Seized Korean and Saudi Vessels and All 16 Crew

    November 20: Sixteen crew members, including two South Koreans, who were held when their three vessels were seized by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels at the weekend have been freed, Seoul’s foreign ministry said Wednesday. “The vessels and crew […]

  • Hijacking Off The Coast of Yemen’s Kamaran Island; Crew Kidnapped

    November 20 UPDATE: Houthi rebels released all three vessels and 16 crew seized in the below-described incident. November 17: A Saudi-flagged tugboat, the RABIGH 3, was towing a South Korean […]

  • Red Sea ports push

    How national, regional and international competition over ports is shaping political alliances and enmities across the Red Sea zone. The politics of ports in the Horn: War, peace and Red […]

  • NK and the Horn

    Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia maintain covert military ties with Pyongyang, despite UN sanctions. North Korea’s Military Partners in the Horn of Africa By Samuel Ramani On November 14, 2017, a UN […]

  • New UAE bases for Red Sea

    UAE and Saudi Arabia are working in the waters between Africa and Asia to counter any possible Iranian threat from north Yemen. Expanding naval presence in the Red Sea By […]

  • Saudi Arabia, Eritrea to boost Red Sea security

    No information as to what form this will take. Saudi Arabia, Eritrea agree to boost Red Sea security Saudi Arabia and Eritrea have reached a security and military agreement on […]

  • Ships urged to look for migrants in Gulf

    Request from UNHCR. Gulf of Aden ships asked to look out for refugee boats Stephen Spark Humanitarian agencies are expecting a huge exodus of refugees from Yemen if the conflict […]

  • Yemen Rolls out Maritime Security Zone

    Move to prevent immigrants from Somalia and Eritrea.  Yemen Rolls out Maritime Security Zone By Aiswarya Lakshmi Yemen is establishing a maritime security zone along the country’s 2,500 kilometre-long coastline […]

  • The Wider Picture

       Somalia’s Piracy Compromises Its Neighbors The al Qaeda-allied Somali terrorists of Al-Shabaab (“The Youth”), and the pirates that comprise their “navy,” have repeatedly gained world attention—and then been forgotten. […]