Tag: ESPS Méndez Núnez

  • Wave Goodbye

    ESPS Méndez Núñez waved goodbye to HNLMS De Ruyter in a ‘pass by’ near Salalah, Oman, in her final week on patrol with Operation Atalanta. EU Naval Force Warships ESPS […]

  • MV Royal Grace released

    EU Naval Force flagship ESPS Méndez Núnez provided much-needed assistance to the crew of chemical tanker MV Royal Grace after the vessel was unexpectedly released. EU Naval Force Flagship ESPS […]

  • Nine Suspected Pirates Apprehended

    On 19 February, HNLMS De Ruyter, has stopped the activities of a group of suspected pirates approximately 120 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia. Dutch EU Naval Force Frigate […]

  • Welcome Aboard

    Rear Admiral Pedro García de Paredes Welcomes EU Naval Force Operation Commander, EU Ambassadors And Tanzanian Maritime Chiefs On Board EU Counter Piracy Flagship ESPS Méndez Núnez. On 29 January […]

  • First Escort Mission

    EU Naval Force flagship ESPS Méndez Núnez has conducted her first World Food Programme (WFP) escort service as part of the EU’s counter piracy mission. EU Naval Force Flagship ESPS […]