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  • Gunmen Kidnap Crew From Two Fishing Vessels Off Semporna, Sabah

    UPDATE July 02: Confirmed reporting now states that nine hostages were taken, rather than 10. Therefore, all hostages were recovered on June 21. About ten perpetrators, likely members of the […]

  • Suspicious Approach Off Mogadishu Coast

    April 21: A fishing trawler was approached by two skiffs with 8-10 persons on board. A second fishing trawler reportedly went to the first vessel’s aid, and was fired upon. […]

  • O&G pirates of Mexico

    They pose as fishermen to board drilling platforms, ships in Bay of Campeche Gulf of Mexico pirates new Pemex challenge As if the pipeline thieves known as huachicolerosweren’t enough, Pemex must […]

  • Only guns can stop piracy

    Fishermen still operating in fear of attack. Frustrated fishing vessel owner says only guns can stop piracy BY SHABNA ULLAH Beeram Persaud, owner of the fishing vessel that a five-man Corentyne […]

  • Nigerian Navy receives 3 patrol vessels

    The Nigerian Navy has taken a delivery of three patrol boats to checkmate crimes Navy takes delivery of 3 patrol vessels from US, China …Arrests 38 illegal fishing vessels in four […]