Tag: Flags of Convenience

  • Keeping track

    Why it’s so hard to keep track of ships that get up to no good Ioannis Chapsos, Coventry University South Korea recently seized two oil tankers that it says were […]

  • Inconvenient flags

    Lack of transparency fuels fears of illegality. Flag of convenience ships a major security risk in Australian waters, union warns By Thomas Oriti Flag of convenience (FoC) shipping is a […]

  • Mongolia’s Dubious Merchant Navy

    The country risks serious damage to its reputation with its questionable maritime activities. Mongolia’s Dubious Merchant Navy By Graham Alexander With more than 250 days of sun a year, Mongolia’s moniker […]

  • Blame Game

    The ITF has criticised Flags of Convenience and their role in the fight against piracy. They claim that pirates count on poor shipboard conditions to raid and capture under-crewed, under-prepared […]