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  • US Navy training woes

    Navy investigation into collisions is ongoing. Exclusive: US Navy ships in deadly collisions had dismal training records By┬áJeremy Herb (CNN) The two US Navy destroyers involved in deadly collisions in […]

  • Piracy: US needs to do more

    US agencies need to better assess the effectiveness of anti piracy efforts. US Needs To Do More To Counter High Seas Piracy To help US agencies coordinate efforts, the White […]

  • Substantial Progress

    Eleven years after the events of 9/11, a United States Government Accountability Office report has concluded that “substantial progress” has been made in improving maritime security. Maritime Security: GAO sees […]

  • Port Recovery and Salvage Response

    The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) report titled ‘Maritime Security: Coast Guard Efforts to Address Port Recovery and Salvage Response’, provides a description of the mechanisms that the US […]