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  • Problems Grow

    The arrest of personnel involved in paying ransoms has certainly puzzled some in the industry, and has created yet another problem for shipowners In jailing six foreigners after they took £2.2m ($3.6m) into […]

  • Safe Evacuation

    Somali pirates say they have safely evacuated 19 crew members from “MV Orna” after a blaze on the hijacked vessel. The ship caught fire in the pirate stronghold of Harardhere, […]

  • Towed To Rescue

    Madagascar’s navy on Sunday towed into port a hijacked Comoros-flagged vessel almost a week after its captain and two suspected pirates arrived on the island to seek help, an official […]

  • Somalis Snared

    NATO has announced the succesful capture of 16 suspected Somali pirates who were sailing a hijacked vessel. The operation was launched from a Danish ship patrolling the Gulf of Aden […]

  • Robust Response

    South Korean navy commandos have raided the hijacked vessel “Samho Jewelry” which was in the control of a group of Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. The attack reportedly resulted in the rescue of all the crew, […]