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  • Security for Sailors

    The Indian Government is drafting a policy aimed at providing better security to Indian sailors and other seafarers in the wake of several incidents of hijacking of ships by pirates […]

  • Combating Maritime Piracy

    Maritime piracy has been on the rise for much of the past decade, even as international efforts have helped reduce the number of successful hijackings.  The Oceans Beyond Piracy initiative […]

  • Life Sentence

    Two Somali men who pleaded guilty to piracy for a hijacking that ended in the deaths of four American sailors have been sentenced to life in prison. Burhan Abdirahman Yusuf […]

  • Double Trouble

    The Somali “fixer” who has already been charged with being a ransom negotiator in the hijacking of the American yacht “Quest” has been indicted for his role in the pirating […]

  • Taking Stock

    Some of the big piracy “firms” have definite potential to take their companies public – in fact, some of them already have. Mohammed, a former pirate, told Reuters that “we […]

  • Iceberg Death

    Reports are surfacing of another death onboard the hijacked “MV Iceberg I” – the news has been relayed by released crew members from the “MV Suez”, as the vessels were […]

  • Low Point

    There have been no successful hijackings since the end of May, and three vessels have been freed this month. This means pirates are holding the lowest number of vessels for some time, while also experiencing […]

  • On Trial

    S. Korea’s first trial of foreign pirates to begin Monday. Four of the five Somali pirates arrested on charges of hijacking a South Korean freighter and shooting its captain will […]

  • Long Sentence

    A Spanish court has sentenced two Somali pirates to 439 years in jail each for their role in the hijacking of a tuna fishing boat. The two men have been […]

  • Security Case Study

    The Hijacking of the MV Zirku: A Case Study in Shipping Security By Sam Bateman Republished with the kind permission the S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies. Synopsis The recent hijacking […]