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  • Indian Ocean gambit gathers pace

    Govt’s Indian Ocean gambit gathers pace Sachin Parashar NEW DELHI: Ahead of PM Narendra Modi’s visit to China in May, the government’s Indian Ocean gambit is gathering momentum like it […]

  • Indian CG and Navy squabbled over terror boat

    Internal spat between navy and CG. ‘Terror boat’ row between Navy and Coast Guard puts India’s security at risk By JUGAL R PUROHIT It was an operation hailed as a classic […]

  • Maritime security should be part of curriculum

    Indian Naval Command suggestion. Maritime security should be part of curriculum The security of the seas surrounding India has financial, diplomatic and geopolitical ramifications. Hence the need to incorporate coastal […]

  • US keeps tabs on Chinese subs

    Chinese subs in Indian Ocean still cause for concern. US helping India keep tabs on Chinese submarines in Indian Ocean The United States is regularly updating India on Chinese submarine […]

  • Blue-Water Navies in the IOR

    What Indian and Chinese positions on their “blue-water” status says about strategy in the IOR. ‘Blue-Water’ Navies in the Indian Ocean Region By Abhijit Singh In India’s strategic institutes and think-tanks, […]

  • Mauritius PM meets Indian Navy chief

    Discussions focused on strengthening further bilateral ties. Mauritius: Prime Minister Receives Chief of Naval Staff of the Indian Navy PRESS RELEASE The Chief of Naval Staff of the Indian Navy, […]

  • Terror boat sparks debate

    Debate about motives of boat continue. India’s ‘terror’ boat blast sparks debate Stephen Spark A fishing boat that reportedly exploded on 1 January when ordered to stop by the Indian […]

  • India destroys suspect terror boat

    Ship believed to be carrying explosives. How NTRO, Coast Guard stopped explosive-laden Pak ship A timely intercept by the National Technical Research Organisation, and its well coordinated operation with the Coast […]

  • Maritime surveillance goes hi-tech

    Improved security for coastal regions. Maritime surveillance goes hi-tech Indian Navy has set up a next-gen intelligence system to beef up its surveillance and patrolling duties At the click of […]

  • Indian Navy developing outpost

    Continued enhancement of maritime security.  Lakshadweep Being Developed As Strategic Outpost for Navy Navy is planning to develop infrastructure at Lakshadweep Islands which is being made a strategic outpost, Flag […]