Tag: innovation

  • EUROPORT 2013

    ‘Pioneers in maritime technology’ is the theme of the 2013 edition of the international maritime exhibition EUROPORT. Pioneers in maritime technology will gather in Rotterdam to preent advanced technology and […]

  • Nanotechnology Manned Vessel Launched

    Zyvex Marine, a division of Zyvex Technologies, the world’s first molecular nanotechnology company, announced the global launch of the LRV-17. The advanced Long Range Vessel is designed for fuel efficiency […]

  • Hydrogen-fuelled robotic jellyfish invented

    Engineers in the US say they have invented a hydrogen-powered robot that moves through water like a jellyfish. Development of the robot, nicknamed Robojelly, is in the early stages but […]

  • Laser Quest

    Two defence giants, Boeing and BAE Systems, announced that they would team up on a $2.8 million Navy contract for a prototype version of BAE’s Mk-38 25-mm machine gun. The […]