Tag: intelligence

  • Iran claims intelligence gain

    That’s a lot of owner’s manuals for two boats to contain… Iran Claims Seizure of over 13,000 Pages of Intel from Abducted U.S. Sailors by MARY CHASTAIN Officials in Iran […]

  • Intel sharing still a challenge

    Some nations treating intel as a one way street. Sharing of maritime security intel still a challenge: Royal Navy official By Salma El Shaheed The fight against piracy in the […]

  • Splash & Grab – Oil Theft Blights Gulf of Guinea

    Dryad Maritime, the UK-based specialist in maritime intelligence, has completed an analysis of a specific type of maritime crime that poses a risk to shipping in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa. […]

  • Boosting Bandwidth

    US Navy awards $7M contract for ITT Exelis and Novasol to build a line-of-sight system to handle escalating data needs Free-space laser comms to boost Marines’ bandwidth The US firms […]

  • Droning On

    The U.S. military is deploying a new force of armed drones to eastern Africa in an escalation of its campaign to strike militant targets in the region and expand intelligence […]

  • Smart Defence

    NATO nations deepen cooperation on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance In the spirit of “smart defence”, nine Nations have launched at the end of February a five-year project that will significantly […]