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  • Iran to sue Google

    Google is facing legal action over its decision to not label the body of water separating Iran and neighbouring Arab Gulf states on its online map service. Iran ‘to sue […]

  • Rethinking the Strait of Hormuz

    If hostilities break out over any disruption of traffic through this busy sea lane, the Navy had better look long and hard at Iran’s anti-access/area-denial capabilities. Rethinking the Strait of […]

  • Tensions in Persian Gulf

    Iran has warned that should diplomacy fail, its military is ready for action over the strategic Abu Musa island in the Persian Gulf. The disputed Gulf island is controlled by […]

  • US to Deploy Additional Minesweepers

    According to the Jerusalem Post, a US Senate committee was told by the US Navy’s top officer on Thursday that the United States is sending four minesweeping ships and four […]

  • Iranian Warships Thwart Pirate Attack

    According to Iran’s Press TV, a tanker sailing from Iran’s Khark Island to the Suez Canal was attacked twice before an Iranian naval patrol forced the pirate boats to flee […]

  • Iranian Mission

    Iran has dispatched a submarine and a warship to the Red Sea on a patrol mission, navy commander Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said this week in media report. “This flotilla which […]

  • Iran Djibouti Deal

    Iran and Djibouti have come together to agree steps to boost mutual cooperation in naval fields, including training the Djiboutian army. The call for mutual cooperation was raised by visiting […]

  • Overseas and Underwater

    Iran plans to deploy several units of its subsurface vessels in the high seas and international waters as part of its strategy to defend the country’s interests abroad, Commander of […]