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  • ITF backs Seaman Guard Ohio appeal

    Union to help with appeal. ITF backs Seaman Guard Ohio appeal The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) is to pay for legal support for the court appeal of the ship’s […]

  • ITF renews support for MPHRP

    ITF renews support for MPHRP. ITF Seafarers’ Trust renews support for a humanitarian response to seafarers subjected to maritime piracy The Seafarers’ Trust provided core funding for the Maritime Piracy […]

  • Gulf of Aden risk downgraded

    Reduction in pirate activity leads to pay cut. Hazard pay for seafarers passing by Gulf of Aden limited as risk status downgraded By: Veronica Uy MANILA – Hazard pay for seafarers […]

  • ITF calls Panama to help Iceberg 1 crew

    The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) is calling on Panama to join the effort to help the recently released crew of the Iceberg 1 recover. ITF calls on Panama to […]

  • ITF Stance

    Commenting on British prime minister David Cameron’s pledge to more effectively protect ships against pirates, including by relaxing rules on carrying arms. ITF general secretary David Cockcroft said: “Somali-based piracy […]

  • Danger Zone

    With no answers in sight on the fight against piracy the unions are yet again forced to consider the “nuclear” option. The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) has adopted a […]

  • Blame Game

    The ITF has criticised Flags of Convenience and their role in the fight against piracy. They claim that pirates count on poor shipboard conditions to raid and capture under-crewed, under-prepared […]

  • Seafarer Ban Close

    The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) claims to be moving closer to advising seafarers to consider avoiding working in all the affected areas – including the Indian Ocean. The statement […]